Get AI Insights on Q3 Business Disruptions's Weather Intelligence & Business Disruption Report summarizes key trends based on analysis of over 10,000 instances of operational disruptions.

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Discover Which Conditions Disrupt Operations Most

This exclusive analysis shows that the top Q3 disruptions across all industries were:

  • 1

    Revenue Losses: Heavy precipitation and snow storms lead to facility shutdowns, resulting in lost sales and productivity. These parameters cause over 20% of alerts.

  • 2
    Supply Chain Interruptions: Sustained high winds, lightning strikes, and extreme heat constrain manufacturing inputs, delay logistics, and cause shortages. These make up over 15% of alerts.
  • 3
    Asset Damage: Hail, high winds, lightning, and heavy snow/ice frequently damage buildings, inventory, and equipment, accounting for over 10% of alerts.
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