Enable the skill and SAy,
"Alexa, open ClimaCell Microweather."

Make sure your location settings are enabled in the Amazon Alexa mobile app. Go to the device settings and select your device. Enter your address manually. Here is a video of how to use the Alexa App to add location. 

HOW TO GET A Forecast for Every momenT: 

Waiting to walk your dog? Try asking:

"Alexa, when can I walk my dog?" 
"Alexa, what time should I take the dog for a walk?"
"Alexa, when I will be able to walk the dog for at least 20 minutes?" 

Do you really need that umbrella? Try asking: 

"Alexa, should I take an umbrella to Bridgewater?"
"Alexa, I'm going to Springfield. Should I take an umbrella?"
"Alexa, should I take an umbrella?"

Is it about to rain? Try asking:

"Alexa, when will it rain in Boston?"
"Alexa, when will it rain?"
"Alexa, when will it snow in Topeka?"  

Microweather forecasts are predictions for your exact location and give you fresh info every minute. How is this possible? Our ultra-fast computers crunch millions of weather data points from the most unexpected places, like wireless and IoT networks. Then, our brilliant meteorologists, data scientists, and engineers create impossible real-time weather forecasting algorithms for all this data.

The result is the only personal weather forecast. For you and Spot. 


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